Search engine marketing

Search engine marketing

How to reach customers through a web campaign?

We have a good website! So where are all the customers?

Why is advertising on search engines the most effective way to advertise?

  • It aligns the target group of customers that you want to address.
  • It is the cheapest. Advertising on search engines is simply cheaper.
  • You are one step ahead of your competitors; this form of advertising is still relatively undeveloped.
  • Internet users don’t treat ads on search engines as typical ads.

To reach your target group, we have prepared a comprehensive package of advertising on search engines and online communities.

Key steps for a good online advertisement

We will guide you through the key steps of preparation, launch and monitoring the effectiveness of your campaigns. With the set up and direction we provide, your advertisement investment will easily be more than returned.

Step 1: determine the aim of action.
Step 2: determine the target group that you want to address.
Step 3: choose your keywords.
Step 4: you set the financial framework for action; we give recommendations on timing.
Step 5: advertisement production

During the campaign, we will monitor the results and advise you on further steps.