Booster web solutions

Booster presents a set of integrated web tools, that is made for simple and efficient business operations. Their main advantage lies in the flexibility of all functionalities. Web solutions can be fully adjusted to your needs.

Booster web solutions support all your business operations, from marketing and web appearance, to sales, project management, administration, etc. Booster can also be accessed by your external services, such as your accounting service provider or external personnel service.

  • Website

    Professional appearance on the web and an efficient tool for obtaining inquires from potential clients.
  • eCommerce solution

    Powerful and efficient online sales tool and support for optimized post-sales activities.
  • CRM

    Your customers are a your treasure! Communicate with them regularly and systematically to sell more.
  • Sales contact management

    A tool that will help you manage marketing campaigns and analyse their performance.
  • Project management

    A tool that will help you effectively manage projects within given time and budget frameworks.
  • Newsletter

    A tool that will facilitate your communication with customers and other interested publics.
  • Invoice management

    Simple tool for managing issued and received invoices and controlling cashflows.
  • Intranet

    Maintain all documents and knowledge databases in one place and collect your employees’ ideas.